Download software to organize photos Picasa 3.9 Free Download

Introduction to Picasa

Very cool program for photo and image editing ,and the amendment to the images and known has been the establishment of the program by and by Oadiallab Idealab and now, as it is known has possessed company Google has been the development and modification by Google to fit over the quality and accuracy and evolution than ever before in the edit and edit and organize digital pictures has been named this program Picasa as a result of the integration of the name of the famous and well-known ( Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter ) which are words divided from the name which in turn means vocabulary called the program a piece thing and speak the words he noted me the word mi Casa (mi casa) a which means the name of my house (my house), as well as the word Beck (pic) which is well known and is concerned for the word image (Picture) in 2004 ,the company began the global Google offer this software for free download is a wonderful program in every sense of the word ,which supports a number of systems and many of Windows such as Windows XP/Vista/7 as well as no copy Linux and also a very old copy of Windows 98 and Manlunyum also will put the latest version of the program is now a Picasa Picasa Google Picasa

Features program Picasa

Can now upload and share images on the + Google

Can add a photo to friends and their participation in the + Google

There are 24 effect you can navigate between images, including

You can browse the images on the computer

You can search for images downloaded from the Internet and online

You can manipulate and edit photos and modify them

Can tagging photos and images to link to a particular place or a particular event and you want a lot

Has an advantage in face recognition and other images and much more

Free Software of Google Inc., now you can download a very cool

Picasa Picasa 3.9

Picasa Picasa 3.9

Download Information program

name program : ​​Picasa

Issuance program : ​​Picasa 3.9

Software Compatibility : Windows XP-Vista-7

License : Free

Author : Oadiallab

Developer : Google – size download : 14.27 Mega

The quality of the program : ​​edit and modify digital images for free

Download the program from several links for free now

Download Picasa to organize and edit digital photos Picasa Download

Or from here Direct Link

Download Picasa to organize and edit digital photos Picasa Download

You can visit the official website of the program and download it from here

Picasa 3.9 Picasa 3.9 Download

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