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What program Zello

Program Zello is a program or application talks live chat and messaging live and is available for smart devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry , Android and computers also is a wireless application or wireless device to chat and conversation , a free, open- source and defects best software to so far has been loaded by 50 million people so far, the numbers are growing very quickly wonderful application is easy to use , lightweight and fast which is also free to use the profile of the program and the application Zello is voice chat and also has a Guenay public and private channel you choose as you like and you can join the more than 200,000 channel choose whom you

Features application Zello

Zello application fast and light and easy to use the Internet and talk face- to-face and online chat

You can restart the talks, which were held whenever you want and however you like history and other audio and moment by moment

Zello application you can start the conversation whenever you want by clicking on the button only

Zello application is a huge light and does not take a lot of memory and is compatible on the iPhone and Blackberry and computers

Zello with the application , you can turn your computer into a wireless device in a two-way Alandroed and iPhone and BlackBerry and PC

You can use headphones and listen to the speakers to the phone and the merger together

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Zello Free Download Now For All Devices

Technical information about the program

The name of the program : Zello

Version : Final

Publisher :

Software Compatibility : iPhone – Android – BlackBerry – PC

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Zello Free Download

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