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What program SplitCam

Program SplitCam is a very cool program is program the camera to your PC and laptop your you through this unique program of its kind to chat with friends and watching the sound and the image clearly and with high quality and you can also through the division of the video on the camera for each easily can also through this software add effects that you want and you’re freelancing friends chatting and playing around with them and manipulate them via the program chatting can divide your Webcam to several things busy and the other at one time without mistakes and also can put things three dimensions to show to friends like real is the program at the same time the chambers of them have like the fact that can put the faces of animal and other them and shows them like you are a real wonderful program supports a number of programs such as Skype , as well as Windows Live and also AOL AIM, ICQ , as well as Gtalk and also program ooVoo and other very much and through the program can take live video and share it on social sites and other programs and other things with ease also the accuracy of the video camera is HD without cut and very high quality video as well as formats and extensions such as 320×180, 320X240, 400×225, 400×300, 512×384, 640×360, 640X480, 800X600, 960×540, 1024X768, 1280X720, 1280X960, 1400×1050, 1600X900, 1600X1200 , 1920X1080, 1920X1440, 2048X1536 There are several things wonderful program do it like Slide show for video on the desktop a part of the desktop Kmetrad and taking snapshots very high quality without the cut, You can use the IP camera or change to another IP using your camera and send video and other, You can record your own video or any video and submit it on their own sites Video, Has a zoom feature for video and the other by the mouse or the keyboard panel

split camera Ver.

split camera – split camera Ver.

Technical information about the program

The name of the program : SplitCam

Version :

Compatibility : Windows 2000-XP-2003-Vista-7-8

Size : 1.52 m

Publisher : splitcamera

New camera software program is amazing SplitCam

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